What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Although it may sound unfamiliar to most people, Placenta Encapsulation has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries.  The placenta is encapsulated just after birth, it is steamed with lemon, chilli pepper and ginger then dried, ground into a powder and placed in capsules ("encapsulated").   These capsules help to balance hormones following childbirth, help increase milk production, and increase your energy level.  Women taking placenta also experience fewer emotional problems and recover more quickly postpartum.  Many of the minerals and hormones help to fight the symptoms of postpartum depression. As well, the iron and protein contained in placenta are beneficial to women recovering from childbirth. 

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

  • Assist the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy state
  • Reduce post-natal bleeding
  • Increase milk production  (this has been proven in a study)
  • Make for a happier, more enjoyable post-natal period
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Help to balance your hormones
  • Replenish your iron levels

How is the placenta prepared for TCM placenta pills?

  1. Your placenta should be prepared into placenta capsules with no added ingredients
  2. The placenta is steamed with lemon, ginger and green chilli (added to the water only) according to TCM recipes
  3. The placenta is dehydrated using a food dehydrator or oven for 8-20 hours until completely dry
  4. The dried placenta is ground into a powder and put into empty vegetable capsules

Aren’t the hormones contained in the placenta actually destroyed during the cooking process used when preparing TCM capsules?

To some extent the heat process when preparing TCM capsules may affect the stem cells, hormones and B vitamins but to what degree is unknown. Minerals such as iron are not damaged by heat and there may be minimal damage to other nutrients found in the placenta.  Placenta pills give a new mother the chance to benefit from her placenta for months after birth and have shown to have incredible benefits to energy levels and breast milk supply.  There is currently no scientific evidence to suggest the placenta pills are or are not beneficial.  

How can taking placenta capsules boost my milk supply or help keep the ‘baby blues’ at bay?

We recommend taking 1-3 capsules a day for as long as needed after birth.  In our experience placenta capsules have supported many women through many months of successful breastfeeding.  In some cases some mothers have still struggled with their breast milk supply however there were other problems involved that may have caused the reduced milk supply.  We cannot guarantee any effects from placenta capsules on breastfeeding however many women have noticed their milk ‘comes in’ much quicker than expected and remains consistent without problems for many weeks, months or even years post-birth.

The baby blues often hits mothers between days 3-5 after birth.  We recommend you consume your placenta as soon as possible to prevent the hormone imbalance that causes ‘baby blues’ which may develop into post-natal depression.

Do the capsules smell or taste of anything?

Many mothers describe placenta capsules to have an ‘earthy’ smell. Placenta capsules may have a slight taste of meat however if swallowed quickly you will not notice any taste or smell.  If you find your capsules begin to smell or taste unusually bad we recommend you stop taking your capsules.

How should I store my placenta capsules?
  • TCM placenta capsules can be stored in the jar provided in a cold, dark place for up to a year, then transferred to a freezer for later use.
How big are the capsules and how long will they last?

We have used size ‘0’ capsules when preparing placenta pills.  These measure roughly 2cm in length and 0.7cm in width.

TCM placenta capsules will last indefinitely if stored properly
How long should I take my placenta capsules for?

You can take your placenta capsules for as long as you feel you need them.

Will I experience any side effects when taking my placenta capsules?

We cannot guarantee results with placenta capsules or any other placenta remedy.  Because your placenta is made by you the quality and potency of your placenta capsules is unique to your own placenta.  We highly recommend you follow the care instructions given by your Placenta Advisor.  Storing your placenta capsules properly, avoiding TCM capsules when ill and not taking over the recommended dose will reduce your chances of experiencing any side effect.

I have some capsules left over and I’m pregnant again, can I take my left-over capsules while pregnant?

The placenta is designed to help the body recover after childbirth and composes of hormones which may contract the uterus.  To prevent any risk of miscarriage or pre-term labour, we highly advise mothers not to take placenta capsules while pregnant.